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Let's make a movie, be a part of film history.

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We all watch movies, but have you ever wanted to do more than just watch? Become a part of a movie and make history. Would you like to be a movie mogul with the power to “green light” a movie you want to see and believe in? Now you can.

photo of Hollywood film equipment from old days .... purchased from James Steidl -  Today a movie gets made because a Hollywood Studio Head (usually a rich, middle age white male with a very narrow, Western world view) decides it will make the studio the most money. Studios are now part of mega, multinational corporations. It is about appealing to the lowest common denominator. Often the studio heads interfere in the movie and create a movie by committee that is not very good or interesting. No one knows what really works, so they rely on doing the same thing over and over. Thus the sequel is painfully common. If it works, they repeat it to death. Most movies are geared to teenage boys because the Studios believe they are the main moviegoers.

Independent movies generally get made because the filmmaker is wealthy (or at least has wealthy parents), or is well connected to very wealthy people and “stars.” This is why there are many films made by relatives of Hollywood elites. These days stars get movies funded and well known name actors are not accessible to ordinary people. The actor’s agent block scripts from independent filmmakers. Thus, you have to personally know a name actor or have enough money already in hand to get an agent to take you seriously. Agents make a ten percent commission and want their actor to make the most money, not the best movies.

So it is no surprise that many films are not great despite the many, many millions of dollars spent on them and to market them. Now, it is not the best stories or best filmmakers that get movies made, it is the people with the most money and connections that get financed.

To raise money legally in the USA there are numerous, onerous and ridiculous restrictions by the Federal government and every state government thru their securities laws. The result is that you have to be rich or know very rich people to raise capital. It is not really a free or fair market at all because of these laws. It was very shocking, disappointing and maddening to discover this. I always believed in the promise of America.

movie theater sign that says Cinemas and Box Office in neon colored lights ... purchased from icholakov - After getting angry, I got creative. I came up with a new concept that is legal and may help us raise the $400,000 USD we need to get this off the ground. My idea is to pre-sale DVD's and other special items on a dedicated website. The people get the product plus extras like autographed posters, screen credit and other special access. Since it is not an investment, it by-passes all the unfair securities laws. Since purchasers receive actual valuable products, it is not a donation. When the movie becomes a world wide hit, your exclusive limited edition products will be worth more.

Now anyone can have the opportunity to be a part of an exciting and profitable international "green" movie making experience. You too can be a part of a project that can make a positive impact on the world. A movie (3D and 2D versions) that is of equal or greater value than mainstream $60 million dollar budget Hollywood movies will be made for $11.5 million.

A company has been formed with its own business bank account. Everything is ready to move successfully forward as soon as the money is raised. I currently have an approved business plan with a very innovative business model for the movie and several provider options to secure the financing, but we still need $400,000 USD for a down payment and the legal expenses to secure the $31.5 million budget for the movie. The $31.5 million USD includes marketing and guaranteed global theatrical distribution and 3D production costs. That is where you come in. By pre-sales of product and services directly to the movie going public, an excellent movie will come to a theater near you. You can be a crucial part of the movie from the very start.

Let's make a movie.

Thanks for your support and making history with me. Kyle Schmierer, writer-producer-director

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