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The Movie Business, be a part of film history.

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The Business of the Movie:

Now anyone can have the opportunity to be a part of an exciting and profitable international "green" movie making and money making experience. A movie (3D and 2D versions) that is of equal or greater value than mainstream $60 million dollar budget Hollywood movies will be made for $11.5 million.

ATMA Study Film Productions LLC has an approved business plan with a very innovative business model and several provider options to secure the financing, but we still need at least $400,000 USD for a down payment and the legal expenses to secure the $31.5 million budget for the movie. The $31.5 million USD includes marketing and guaranteed global theatrical distribution and 3D production costs. There are no advance fees or other questionable procedures with these options. A company has been formed with its own business bank account. Everything is ready to move successfully forward as soon as the money is raised. The money from the pre-sales of products we offer on this site will go toward a down payment, to pay for attorneys to review the deal, and other due diligence expenses. When the movie becomes a world wide hit, the exclusive limited edition products will be worth more.

For producing the film, $11.5 million USD will be efficiently utilized. The $11.5 million figure includes the added cost of computer generated digital effects, dramatic recreations with excellent actors, and 3D production. An additional $20 million will be set aside to exploit this motion picture product to markets across the world. This additional amount can guarantee worldwide distribution and profits. Having adequate money for distribution and marketing eliminates the greatest risk for independent films, yet preserves the advantages of an independent film.

A distributor will be hired in a service deal, or we will enter a joint venture with a distributor. There is no formula for these new deals, but approximately $5 million will be used to pay the fees to the distributor & marketing company and $15 million will go towards promotion and distribution of the film. By bringing money for distribution, we can essentially hand pick the company we want to work with and be in a position of strength to negotiate the best deal with the highest returns.

A complete business plan is available only to accredited investors.


By producing a high quality and broadly appealing independent feature film at a lower cost than the competition, the risk will be minimized and the profit potential maximized allowing for a better movie to be made. A film that is of equal value or greater than a mainstream Hollywood film will be made for a fraction of the cost

Outside vendors, actors, the crew and the entire Production Team will take risks with the investors by deferring significant upfront costs for shares in the film. All shares will come from the Producerís share not the investorsí profits. This not only lowers the upfront costs but also provides a sense of shared ownership for the film and shared benefit and responsibility to ensure the filmís success. Through the collaborative efforts of an experienced, resourceful and professional production team, and with the vision of a talented writer-director, this challenging objective will be achieved. Using a new business model and out of the box thinking it can, and with your participation, it will be realized successfully.

It is up to you to give the green light to this movie.  

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